Asbestos Removal – A Must for Your Property

Asbestos is highly praised for its electrical and heat insulation properties.  No wonder this material was widely used in construction during the 60s and 70s.  In the 80s however, the material was banned in the construction industry as exposure to asbestos had long-term health effect.  Even though asbestos is a wonderful material when it comes to the great properties that it possesses, the health risks involved when exposed to it are far too great, especially when you think about the incurable diseases involved with asbestos exposure.

If you live in an old house, probably built during the 60s and 70s, then it is possible that it has some asbestos materials built into it.  If this is the case, it is crucial that you have your property examined for asbestos materials so you can have it properly removed by experienced asbestos removal professionals.  This is not something that you should dillydally about as this type of cases should never be delayed any further.  Nasbestospicsot doing any type of action over this matter may only make things potentially worse for all those how stay and reside in your property.

Where to Get Professional Asbestos Removal Help in Calgary?

When it comes to asbestos removal and asbestos abatement services in Calgary,  is said to be the most trust and most reputable of all.  They are highly experienced in the methods and trade of asbestos removal which is why they are able to effectively, efficiently, and safely remove any asbestos materials inside your property.  They have been in this business for many years and they have the portfolio and reputation that comes along with it.

Calgary Asbestos Removal has been in the forefront of asbestos removal in all of Calgary which is why you can be assured of top quality service when you hire them.  Not only do they provide a ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ service, but they also provide free estimates so there is really nothing to worry about when you go inquiring about their services and the fees involved.  They are very professional in their line of work which is why they also provide round-the-clock 24/7 support so you can call in, email, or chat with them about your inquiries with which they will be more than happy to accommodate you and any of your questions and concerns.

Gah! Got Stuck

Gah! got stuck in the immigration protest on Friday. It took me two hours to get out of it.

Wow, I am so happy for these guys! It was an amazing effort from them. And it absolutely thrills me to see this celebration for the team in front of the PMAC. The Tigers on going to the Final Four — woooooh!!!

Back to the landfill and with photos (I know, so exciting).

Finally picked up the sticks after two weeks of non-action (the Valley had two straight weekends of rain and I had come down with a wicked case ofgastroenteritis — omigawd, WORSE FEELING EVER!). I am actually confident in my driver! I still have pathetic strength (the furthest I’ve driven the ball is 75 yards in the air where it’ll roll and end up at the 100 yard mark — I am a weakling) but at least I am getting some action from my wood now! Yay, go me!! Photos are here.

Rain Is back!

After 143 consecutive days of dryness, the rains have finally come and did it arrive big time. The rains have been constant since early this morning and it’s supposed to stick around the rest of the day. It’s kind of messed up our weekend plans (like draining our pool) but it’s nice to see the grey clouds above. The ‘doodle ran out the doggie door for his morning rituals and quickly came scurrying back, shaking off the excess moisture. No powerwalk around the park this morning. Poor Strummie.

Speaking of the pooch, he came back from the groomer’s yesterday. After two not-so-satisfied visits, we decided to switch to someone new. Since the husband works from home on Fridays, he was CFTD (chauffeur for the day). He said the facilities were very nice and their staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. They did a great job grooming him and Strummer, apparently, protested not one bit when they took him away for his pampering. Sigh, what a life that one leads.

Last night, we took it easy and had an early dinner at Cherryblossom Noodle Café. We consumed a bowl of beef nanban hot udon soup and a spicy beef rice dish and discussed (more) home improvement projects, possibly purchasing a billiards table for the Arizona room, Tony’s parents coming out next month and golf! Yes, my friends, I am addicted. If the rains don’t let up, I think thedriving range at Cracker Jax will be calling my name.

p.s. check out our friend Silvio’s blog. He’s a producer at CNN and it’s interesting to read what he is up to. Time in Iraq, traveling with the President, and looks like he’s back in New Orleans covering post-Katrina. He’s a very cool dude.

Another Meme


Other than getting a new ‘do (kept the length, added layers and chunkier highlights), not a lot happening lately. I may have to fly into Orange County for another meeting in a few weeks and Tony may have to spend some time in Israel for work.

A meme I found (just to take up space):

1. First time you got kissed? First grade. At the bus stop. Shrug.
2. First time you drove a car? I was fourteen, a month before my fifteenth birthday. My dad and I spent weekend mornings in our old 1979 Ford LTD driving in and around my small town. The day after I turned fifteen, I got my driver’s license and I felt so grown up.
3. First time you scrapbooked? Sixth grade. If you count cutting out photos of my favorite band (DEF LEPPARD) from various rock mags (Circus, Metal Edge) and pasting them to notebooks as scrapbooking.
4. First time you went on a date? Where did you go and with who? I was a freshman in high school. I had a crush on my next door neighbor who was a senior. He asked me to a school basketball game. I remember getting into his car and smelling cigarette smoke and thinking Wow, this is so cool! A senior! And he smokes!. I was such a dork, even then.
5. First time you fell in love? How did you know? I always had crushes and (as cheesy as this sounds) I did not really fall in love until I was 24 when I met Tony. I think we had been going out for a few months and we were at his cousin’s house for a Mother’s Day brunch when it just hit me as I was eating eggs and toast, Omigawd I love this man!
6. First time you cooked for someone? I’m embarrassed to say, but I don’t think I’ve cooked for anyone until Tony and I started living together. I’ve baked cookies and cakes for people, but I’ve never actually cooked a meal for anyoneuntil I was 25 years old!
7. First time you got on a plane? Where did you go? Were you scared? I was three or four, flying to the States for the first time. I must have been scared because my Mother said I threw up on the plane.
8. First time you shaved your legs? Did you cut yourself? I was eleven. It was mandatory we took Physical Education and there was no way I was going to be the ‘hairy girl’ in the dressing room! And no, I did not nick myself.
9. First time you put on make up? Looking back how did you do? Did you look good or like a clown? Again, eleven years old. All the junior high kids were doing it. I was in my heavy metal phase and would color my eyebrows a bright electric blue. I thought it was totally cool.
10. First time you moved out of your home? Was it an apartment, house, etc? I was eighteen, ready to conquer the world….in a dormitory. I stayed there for two years then moved into these apartments (horrible) before settling herewith a fellow Brother.

Squid & Whale


My friend Jill and I viewed The Squid and the Whale at the Camelview this afternoon. I had to really think about how to assess it. It was dark and disturbing and dysfunctional and poignant at the end. Four of five stars. Jill urged me to see Brokeback Mountain (she gave it four and a half stars) but I think it’ll have to wait — the line for BM was a gazillion blocks long. I guess I could view it at another theater, but I like the small and intimate Camelview.

Currently, Tony and I are digesting the first season dvd of The Office (UK). Since we are big fans of the US version, we had to check out the original. It wasn’t until episode three did we warm up to the British characters (I had to wipe my mind free of Steve Carell and company). You just can’t beat the humor of horribly awkward situations.

Another good rental? Me and You and Everyone We Know. I have a total girl crush on Miranda July.


First Friday: Marc, Kim, Tony and I lucked out with a great parking spot on 7th and Roosevelt. Didn’t realize this shop even existed. Uber-cuteness going on. And I was drooling over these delish pastries (you can also find her at La Grande Orange) next door. My favorite exhibit was from Denise Yaghmourian at Modified Arts. I loved the simplicity of the white knitted baby jumpers and how they were hanging from a thin clothesline with various descriptions on the front (saint…sinner…martyr…giver…).

Afterwards, we met up with Jill and her date at Coronado Café. Omigawd, I heart their meatloaf. It was loaded with some hot peppers which gave it a wholelotta zing on top of a mound of lurvely mashed potatos. The presentation was magnificent — when the plate came out I seriously thought it was looked like a hot fudge sundae. It was brilliant.

(Phoenix) FBR Open: Tony and I got there around noon on Sunday, in time to watch a couple of our faves Jesper Parnevik (sporting a groovy hunter green outfit with cool Pumas) and Phil Mickelson tee off at the 16th hole and cheer on a fellow Tiger (after he tee’d off at the 15th hole, I gave him a rowdy ‘Geaux Tigers’ cheer and he turned around and smiled at me). The day was absolutely gorgeous and I feel very fortunate to be able to do this (ie enjoying a golf tournament) in February for gawd’s sake. Yes, sometimes Phoenix blows because it’s not as cool as New York or Boston or San Francisco, but you just can’t beat the beautiful weather.

Check out: this great documentary DIG. Narrated by Courtney Taylor (of theDandy Warhols), it’s the story of his band’s friendship with the members ofBrian Jonestown Massacre, specifically their leader Anton Newcombe. I wasn’t really familiar with BJM, but after seeing this film, I want to know more, their music and especially Anton — who I can’t believe did not end up dead (as most haunted artists are apt to be).