My Dream Home

My dream has been my companion ever since I started working. Since I have land, I have been saving so that I can start the construction. Now that I have saved enough funds, I’ve started the drawing a plan which will be useful to my architect to built on it. The home will be a single floor 4 bedrooms house. I am planning on a 3000 square feet home. I want my home to be totally Eco-Friendly.

The power to my house to be totally from solar energy. Hence I plan to set up three solar units. All bedrooms will have an air conditioning system. The kitchen will be very spacious as cooking is one of my favorite hobbies. I want to have a big garden outside, which I will use for planting organic foods, such as Organic Mangoes, Tomatoes, Cabbages something like the Garden of Eden as mentioned in the Bible. All the bathrooms should have one bathtub. I will ask my architect to be very particular about providing cross ventilation. There should be enough windows in every room so that abundant sunshine comes into each room. I also want to have a courtroom in the middle of the house.

It should be very spacious. I want to have a small cute garden there. The courtroom should be open allowing rainwater to fall there. Also I want to have a separate drawing room as well as living room. I want the roofing to be flat; so that I can do truss work above the same. Also if I want to add two or three bedrooms in the future if required. So there should be a staircase cabin from inside.

There should be a prayer space accommodated near to the living room. I estimate the total construction cost to be around 100,000  inclusive of all the furniture. Construction once started should hypothetically take a year. I intend to take loan on 75% of the cost, and the rest will come from my savings.

The Start of a Great Kitchen

Of all the remodeling projects you can do to your house, the kitchen is easily the most difficult and expensive. This is the most complex area of the home and requires training, expertise, and creativity. Unfortunately, this scares off a great many people who would rather not do the kitchen than risk a serious mistake. Others, unaware of the complexity (hasn’t every one of us lived around kitchens our whole life?), rush headlong into the project only to find themselves in trouble, or more commonly, wishing they had done it differently after it’s all done.

The solution to both these dilemmas lies in the development of an adequate plan. When you have a medical problem, the doctor follows specific procedures. The first is to make a thorough investigation. The results derived from the investigation will, hopefully, lead to an accurate diagnosis. Only then can a proper prescription be given to affect a cure. This medical analogy is a good one to use. Except, this time you have a sick kitchen instead of a person; but, the process is essentially the same. Where most people, and even some designers, make a big mistake is assuming they can plainly see what must be done and rush into prescribing the solution.

The secret to avoiding all these problems is clear. Make a well thought out plan. This will have an additional important function; you’ll sleep better at night knowing that all the bases have been covered. Here are the steps that will insure your success:

Step 1 – Define the existing situation. What do you like about what you have now? Even the worst kitchens have some redeeming characteristics. Maybe it’s just the placement of an appliance, but make note of all the elements that you like. This will help you retain the better features. What do you hate? Most people don’t have great difficulty with this, but it’s necessary to define it as close as possible. Get all these items on paper; the good and the bad. When you’ve completed this list, prioritize it. This helps to focus the mind on what’s really important. It’s meaningful at this point to separate the real problems from those that are merely symptoms. You may have inadequate storage space and think this is the problem. In reality, this may only be a symptom when the real problem is poor organization of the space. Don’t misunderstand. Symptoms are important, but only as they help us to uncover the real problems.

STEP 2 – Where would you like to be? Here comes the fun part – fantasizing about all the things that might be done. It’s important at this point not to be too restrictive with your dreams. Work at defining the ideal kitchen for you and don’t get hung up on the apparent limitations; there’s plenty of time for that. Most people have a tendency to make initial judgments way too fast and end up ruling out some really great possibilities in the process. Don’t fall into that trap. At this stage, let your mind wander and explore your every whim.

STEP 3 – Define the inherent limitations. If the kitchen needs to be larger, is there sufficient expansion potential? Are there structural supports which must be given consideration? And, of course, there is always the budget. This always places some limitation on what can be accomplished.

STEP 4 – Investigate the possibilities. OK, so there are limitations, maybe even serious ones. But, there are possibilities, as well. For instance, suppose you have a small kitchen which can’t be easily expanded. That’s a limitation, but there are still good solutions available. For instance, you would make every inch count. All the storage must be used to it’s fullest. Even unusual tricks, such a recessing the refrigerator into the wall so it doesn’t stick into the room as far, or reducing the cabinet depth to provide more elbow room, would be given consideration. The important point here is to realize that there are always more possibilities than you might at first expect. In short, there is hope.

STEP 5 – Define the goal. Here’s where all the thought you’ve put into the previous steps begins to pay big dividends. Because there has been adequate preparation, defining the goal becomes a matter of putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Actually, there are two puzzles. The one most people think about has to do with functionality; layout, traffic flow, etc. But, there is also the esthetic aspect; color scheme, textures, and all the other elements that bring the space together visually. It’s initially helpful to work at these separately, but of course, they eventually must be integrated to perform as a whole. Then you have something that will serve you well now and for years to come.

Asbestos Removal – A Must for Your Property

Asbestos is highly praised for its electrical and heat insulation properties.  No wonder this material was widely used in construction during the 60s and 70s.  In the 80s however, the material was banned in the construction industry as exposure to asbestos had long-term health effect.  Even though asbestos is a wonderful material when it comes to the great properties that it possesses, the health risks involved when exposed to it are far too great, especially when you think about the incurable diseases involved with asbestos exposure.

If you live in an old house, probably built during the 60s and 70s, then it is possible that it has some asbestos materials built into it.  If this is the case, it is crucial that you have your property examined for asbestos materials so you can have it properly removed by experienced asbestos removal professionals.  This is not something that you should dillydally about as this type of cases should never be delayed any further.  Nasbestospicsot doing any type of action over this matter may only make things potentially worse for all those how stay and reside in your property.

Where to Get Professional Asbestos Removal Help in Calgary?

When it comes to asbestos removal and asbestos abatement services in Calgary,  is said to be the most trust and most reputable of all.  They are highly experienced in the methods and trade of asbestos removal which is why they are able to effectively, efficiently, and safely remove any asbestos materials inside your property.  They have been in this business for many years and they have the portfolio and reputation that comes along with it.

Calgary Asbestos Removal has been in the forefront of asbestos removal in all of Calgary which is why you can be assured of top quality service when you hire them.  Not only do they provide a ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ service, but they also provide free estimates so there is really nothing to worry about when you go inquiring about their services and the fees involved.  They are very professional in their line of work which is why they also provide round-the-clock 24/7 support so you can call in, email, or chat with them about your inquiries with which they will be more than happy to accommodate you and any of your questions and concerns.

Luxury Custom Home Building in Kelowna BC

luxuryhomesLuxury homes are one of the finest pieces of homes you will ever see.  These homes define affluence and are the real epitome that differentiates those that are privileged from those that are not.  The costs of these homes are staggering and even the finishing you find on them are of different levels than what most you and I are used to.

If you were lucky enough to be born with a silver spoon, it is likely that you live in a luxury home and will soon live in your very own one as well.  If you are a regular person who have strived hard in life and finally managed to make it big after all the years of struggle and would now want to have a luxury home that is your very own, then congratulations is in order as you deserve it.

Many of us would like to have our very own luxury homes.  Even if it is not as ostentatious like that of big-time hip-hop rappers, as long as it is your dream home, you may as very well consider it as a luxury home on your part.  Regardless of the levels of luxury home, a home is a very big investment and possibly one of the biggest investments that you will ever make.  If you need to have a luxury home built, you need to look for the best home builders that will never let you down.

In British Columbia, Kelowna Custom Home Builders are considered as the best by many.  They are the home builders to go to when you have a serious and expensive home build you would like to invest on like – the type of build you would not want to go wrong.  Since a luxury home is a very big investment, it is proper that you have the best home builders do the construction work so you can have peace of mind knowing that the best are on hand in the building of your luxury home.

Kelowna Custom Home Builders are highly sought after throughout British Columbia.  They are widely known for their great construction works that many consider as luxury home masterpieces.  For this very reason, people who would like to have their custom home built seek the services of these home builders which is why you should too.

Gah! Got Stuck

Gah! got stuck in the immigration protest on Friday. It took me two hours to get out of it.

Wow, I am so happy for these guys! It was an amazing effort from them. And it absolutely thrills me to see this celebration for the team in front of the PMAC. The Tigers on going to the Final Four — woooooh!!!

Back to the landfill and with photos (I know, so exciting).

Finally picked up the sticks after two weeks of non-action (the Valley had two straight weekends of rain and I had come down with a wicked case ofgastroenteritis — omigawd, WORSE FEELING EVER!). I am actually confident in my driver! I still have pathetic strength (the furthest I’ve driven the ball is 75 yards in the air where it’ll roll and end up at the 100 yard mark — I am a weakling) but at least I am getting some action from my wood now! Yay, go me!! Photos are here.

Pigs fly

Holy cow, I cannot believe it snowed in Cave Creek! Tony and I were on the Loop 101 this afternoon on our way to several stores (I think we are getting aTempur-Pedic bed — yippy skippy!) and to see the ‘white stuff’ on the tops of the Superstitutions and McDowell Mountains — it was unreal! The views of the snow covered peaks were gorgeous. I couldn’t believe we were still in Phoenix.

In other news, I went to my first roller derby bout last night! Featured teams were the undefeated Bruisers versus the Bad News Beaters at Castle Sports Club.

Girls totally RAWK! That is all I have to say.

Vacation Day

The husband and I both took a vacation day and met up with Dave and Zach for an afternoon of spring training baseball! Tony snagged us some great seats (lower box section 7, row 8) for the Athletics v Mariners game. It’s my second time to this ballpark and I like it because you get to see the buttes at Papago Park. Photos of the day can be found here.

Saturday, Tony tore down the block wall that surrounded our pool equipment (which will be replaced by a wooden privacy wall) and we had to dump the mess (visualize one ton of concrete blocks) somewhere other than our alleyway,sooooo I made my first trip out to the Scottsdale landfill. It was pretty cool to see all this junk around us, until Tony got out to dump the concrete out from the bed of the truck — the SMELL WAS SOMETHING I COULD NOT EVEN DESCRIBE! I waited inside until Tony finished hauling everything out (I have no idea how he managed it — 10 minutes of that smell)! We know what to give Strummer for his birthday this year. Our pooch is a sniffer and the landfill is absolute doggie heaven.

Tomorrow? No smelly landfills or fun afternoons relaxing at a ballpark. Just back to the grind…

Rain Is back!

After 143 consecutive days of dryness, the rains have finally come and did it arrive big time. The rains have been constant since early this morning and it’s supposed to stick around the rest of the day. It’s kind of messed up our weekend plans (like draining our pool) but it’s nice to see the grey clouds above. The ‘doodle ran out the doggie door for his morning rituals and quickly came scurrying back, shaking off the excess moisture. No powerwalk around the park this morning. Poor Strummie.

Speaking of the pooch, he came back from the groomer’s yesterday. After two not-so-satisfied visits, we decided to switch to someone new. Since the husband works from home on Fridays, he was CFTD (chauffeur for the day). He said the facilities were very nice and their staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. They did a great job grooming him and Strummer, apparently, protested not one bit when they took him away for his pampering. Sigh, what a life that one leads.

Last night, we took it easy and had an early dinner at Cherryblossom Noodle Café. We consumed a bowl of beef nanban hot udon soup and a spicy beef rice dish and discussed (more) home improvement projects, possibly purchasing a billiards table for the Arizona room, Tony’s parents coming out next month and golf! Yes, my friends, I am addicted. If the rains don’t let up, I think thedriving range at Cracker Jax will be calling my name.

p.s. check out our friend Silvio’s blog. He’s a producer at CNN and it’s interesting to read what he is up to. Time in Iraq, traveling with the President, and looks like he’s back in New Orleans covering post-Katrina. He’s a very cool dude.

Rash (Again)


I should be in Telluride this week for a meeting. Instead, I am sidelined at home with a rash on my body. My rheumatologist (aka my lupus doctor) says it’s not a lupus rash (like the one I had on my cheeks) but more likely contact dermatitis. The most likely culprit? The new bath salts we used in our jacuzzi tub. So now I’m on a generic hydrocortisone cream to control the itching.

I’m bummed that I won’t get to see Telluride. I have heard it’s a beautiful little town and my camera was all warmed up to take some shots of the incredible scenery. And the place we were staying? Good lawd, it’s gorgeous!

In other news, the hubby and I had tickets to see the Suns v Spurs basketball game. The best part was that they were Lexus Club tickets. We got there super early so we could grab the bar seating that overlooks the basketball court. Definitely the spot to be since we were able to eat (five different buffet stations — super scrummy!), drink (beverage service all night), and watch the game. We never even made it down to our actual seats!

We even had a star sighting — Eva Longoria. I don’t watch Desperate Housewives but I am familiar with her and I have to say she is super-duper-TINY and she looks so much prettier in person than on teevee (I think it’s all that Hollywood make-up nonsense). She signed a lot of autographs and was very supportive of her man.



Oh, it was quite painful going back into the office after a two week holiday. Knowing it was a short week made it slightly more bearable (and the fact that I shrugged off wearing dress pants and wore omigawd jeans this week — YAH!).

Tony and I rented this documentary over the break. I had no idea their life was like that and I have a new respect for them (in addition to them being so damn cute). I heart the penguin. We also wanted to see The Squid and the Whale at Camelview but somehow found ourselves in the wrong theater (looong story) and ended up watching Casanova instead. I still want to see TSATW, but Casanova was actually quite enjoyable and very humorous.

Favorite new show find? Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic Channel. I had to admit that Strummer is not human. He is an animal. And I know that. But that does not stop me from calling him my sweet little angel baby (SLAB for short) and kissing him from head to paw. Yes, I am a freak about my dog.